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"A cross compiler is a compiler capable of creating executable code for a platform other than the one on which the compiler is running.

A cross compiler is necessary to compile for multiple platforms from one machine. A platform could be infeasible for a compiler to run on… "


So we need to get cross compiler toolchain that generates executables for the dragonboard. Linaro has provided the tool chain for the dragonboard (It is probably possible to use other arm toolchains, but I haven't looked at them yet).

  • Download the toolchain (note: the link is for 4.9. There is a latest 5.3 version available if you want to try with that.

  • Extract it in your preferred folder.

    • FYI: I have created a folder for dragonboard in my home directory, where I have all the items related to dragon board (documents, images, etc…). My toolchain is inside this folder <home>/dragonboard/toolchain/<linaro toolchain>

  • Add the \bin path to the system path. Your system path should have this <home>/dragonboard/toolchain/<linaro toolchain>\bin

  • Make sure path is updated by echoing path.

    • You may need to logout and login for the new path to take affect.

Now you should be ready to develop your first program for the dragonboard.

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