My education and work experience have been very diverse. My undergraduate is in Biomedical Engineering and Masters, though it began in Biomedical, ended with Electrical Engineering with thesis in video processing.

I started my career as a development engineer for a navigation company. I was responsible for writing algorithms for LORAN, something that I had not done before. The company was setup in a basement and that was the driving factor for me; start at the basement and reach higher. A year later I was awarded with the best employee (proud moment; even if it was among the seven member team). It was only possible with the help of a great team and their support. This is where I learnt to be a team member.

Finally when we were so close to the product and getting good results on the ocean with our system, we had to shutdown the company as LORAN was terminated.

This gave me an opportunity to work in cattle industry. This was the most cross-functional team I have ever worked in and with some of the best talents. The project was to build a specialized equipment with a special purpose for bulls. From cells to LASERs, the project had everything.

Here, I was responsible for converting a LabView based prototype into an embedded based system. I had the opportunity to design the system from scratch and make it a commercially viable solution. I was able to play with some latest embedded boards back then (Beagleboard, Beaglebone). This is where I was exposed to Linux for embedded systems and the possibilities of these small machines.

Then came Qualcomm; the motivation to come to California was "what's out there?" Being in Midwest, California felt like a ultimate destination if you want to be part of the latest technology.

Qualcomm was my first exposure to the corporate; an exposure to the "process". Even though with no wireless background, being able to work on the latest LTE technology is a privilege and a wonderful learning experience that I continue to cherish.

I have been very lucky to work in these many diverse fields, with some of the best teams, and learn from them. This has been my goal, to learn and share - to continue learning.